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As Thinking Faith celebrates the tenth anniversary of our launch, there is plenty on which to reflect. It has been an eventful decade - for the Church and for the Jesuits in particular, and for the global community in general - and that has made our task of commenting on the world around us a fascinating one. You can read about a decade in the life of Thinking Faith on the website of the Jesuits in Britain.

Thanks are owed to so many people, all of whom it would be impossible to list, so I will name just two: my predecessors, Fr Peter Scally SJ and Fr Roger Dawson SJ. The journal could not exist without our hundreds of contributors and the many friends, advisors and editorial board members who have helped to steer the course of our work. Nor would we be here without the support of our donors, who allow us to find new ways in which to produce and share our content. 

Thank you to each and every one of our readers for the part you play in the life of Thinking Faith. We hope, in turn, that our work may continue to play a part in your life. If you would like to help us to lead more people to know the Christ to whom St Ignatius of Loyola leads us so thoughtfully, lovingly and effectively, please consider supporting us with a donation.

Thank you, and please keep our work in your prayers.



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