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"About ten years ago, I was struggling with the problem of how to live my life as a teacher and librarian in a world where religion is too often seen as inherently thoughtless, a matter of emotion at best or stupidity at worst. 

Helping a student to research St Paul as portrayed in the Acts of the Apostles, I suddenly had a world open up in front of me when I found ‘The Long Road to Damascus’.  I was immediately struck by the way it blended biblical scholarship with current events in the Church and, crucially, the modern world.  I delightedly explored other articles: here, at last, was a collection of sound and challenging material for an intelligent laywoman to get her mental teeth into!  

Since then, Thinking Faith has not only sustained me on a personal level; it has also been of great value in my profession. Why do I count Thinking Faith as perhaps my favourite website?  Kristen Gilger hit the nail on the head, speaking of why the Society of Jesus appealed to her son:

They could probe philosophy one minute and dissect basketball scores the next. They were deeply religious but not in an in-your-face kind of way. And perhaps best of all…. they were rebels and reformers: they wanted to change the world.

Here are perspectives (male and female, first and third world) uniting scripture, prayer, sometimes playfulness, and intelligent response to the world around us in all its grime and glory.  And every article buffs it up a little more!" 

Jennifer works at a Catholic boarding school in the UK. She has lived in South Africa and New Zealand and holds a BSc and teaching and librarianship qualifications.

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